Skirball Cultural Center: Leonard Bernstein at 100

The Skirball Cultural Center presents “Leonard Bernstein at 100”. The exhibition is the celebration of the life and work of Leonard Bernstein, the great American composer and conductor who dedicated his life to making classical music a vibrant part of American culture. Organized by the GRAMMY Museum and curated by Robert Santelli, “Leonard Bernstein at 100” is the official exhibition of the Bernstein centennial celebrations. To explore the many facets of Bernstein’s life, this exhibition includes photographs, personal items, scores, costumes, and audio and video recordings. Featured objects on display will include Bernstein’s conductor baton and handwritten score sheets for songs from “West Side Story”. In addition, the exhibition includes several interactive displays designed to offer hands-on insights into Bernstein’s creative process and legacy. GOLD METROPOLTIAN MEDIA is proud to work with the Skirball Cultural Center to create City Light Pole Banners for the “Leonard Bernstein at 100” exhibit.